Do you know how historical Vermontville is? Unless you're from Vermontville, did you even know the town was named after the state of Vermont?

There are a handful of historical markers throughout this Eaton County town that should be of interest to anyone interested in Michigan history - especially MID-Michigan history! These markers include:
First Congregational Church 
United Methodist Church
Opera House
Vermontville Academy
...not to mention a plaque at the very first schoolhouse.

Also of interest in Vermontville are several large statues chainsawed out of logs  - firefighter and Native American - and an old army tank on display, all on Main Street in the downtown area (SEE PHOTOS BELOW).

of all that, every year they have a Syrup Festival (in conjunction with the maple sap harvest and the manufacturing of syrup) complete with their own Syrup Queen, Little Miss Maple Syrup Pageant, arm wrestling, carnival, egg toss, fireworks and more.Also, eight miles west of Vermontville is a cool old abandoned about it and see photos by CLICKING HERE.

Pay a visit soon to's closeby and you may be surprised at the history that is so near!



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