Summer time is always the time to come up with something fun for the whole family.  So this summer, we are killing two birds with one stone, so to speak.

Next week my family and I are heading to Sandusky, Ohio to Kalahari Water Park and just a few more miles down the road is Cedar Point.

We've never been to Kalahari Water Park.  From what I've heard, it's huge and full of great water rides for everyone.   Some of the rides sound pretty cool like, flowrider, zip coaster, and tanzanian twister.  All serving one purpose, to get us soaking wet.

After our time at Kalahari, we're heading straight for Cedar Point to ride all the fun rides and to play lots of games.  Of course, our number one goal is to ride the new ride at Cedar Point called Valravn.  It looks scary, but sometimes you just have to face your fears and go for it.

There's only one ride there that I refuse to ride, it's called top thrill dragster.  Too fast for me, yet not for my kids.  That being said, just plan on having fun with the kids next week during my long awaited summer vacation!