Just when things couldn't get any weirder, along comes this'un...

"Aliens killed John F. Kennedy" and other UFO/alien connections with United States presidents.

Sure. Why not. Every other organization on the planet has been suspect in JFK's assassination, so why not look OFF the planet for a change?

Kennedy had requested UFO information because he was afraid the Soviet Union might mistake alien aircraft as some sort of nuclear attack by the U.S. That sounds plausible enough, right?

Not only THAT, but Ronald Reagan was approached by aliens who told him to quit acting and go into politics; Richard Nixon takes his pal Jackie Gleason to view dead aliens and their crashed spacecraft and more tales of our presidents w/alien encounters.

Some people believe, others feel it's hogwash. Maybe some is real, some is not. Believe what you want - just CLICK HERE and read more before you decide.