Nothing ruins a pizza faster than the wrong toppings. When I think of a delicious pizza, I think of ham, pepperoni, ground beef, mushrooms, cheese, and that just about covers it for me.

You want your pizza to be worth it, right? Well some people don't get that. If you can't get it right by adding delicious toppings, then you can simply scratch me off of your dinner list.

Have you ever thought about what toppings could go on a pizza that would totally ruin it? I have, and most of them are disgusting. In fact, after you read this, you may not want pizza ever again!

According to, these are the most hated pizza toppings many people find disgusting:

1. Anchovies. Who in their right mind would put anchovies on a pizza? You couldn't pay me enough. This has to be the most hated pizza topping ever. Apparently they end up being the only thing you can taste on your pizza.

2. Onions. In my unpopular opinion, onions on a pizza are almost as bad as anchovies. Most people dislike onions that are left even a little bit crisp but also hate onions that get too soft or stringy.

3. Olives. Another disgusting topping for pizza. Why? Many pizza lovers would rather cut their losses and ditch the olives altogether.

4. Pineapple. Okay, I'm on the fence with this topping. My wife finds it disgusting, but I actually like pineapple on pizza. A lot of pizza lovers think pineapple is a strange flavor to pair with cheese and tomato sauce.

5. Shrimp. You've got to be kidding me. Yuck! Some people think seafood of any type like shrimp, clams, or tuna, has no business being on a pizza. You are right about that!

6. Spinach. It simply makes your pizza soggy. Cooked spinach has a particularly tenacious reputation as a slimy vegetable. Even pizza masters find themselves in disagreement over whether spinach belongs on a pizza.

7. Artichoke hearts. Are you gagging yet? (LOL) Artichoke hearts are definitely one of the most hated pizza toppings. They might taste great fresh. But many pizzerias use marinated artichoke hearts, which are a mushy pizza.

If you want to take a look at more of the worst toppings that can ruin any pizza, just click right here at

I think I'll go and just place my order for a plain old delicious cheese pizza!

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