When you really think about it, drinking milk is weird and gross. We've always been taught that milk is essential to having healthy, strong bones.

We're not even sure if that's correct. I've been drinking milk off and on since I was a kid. Using milk for cereal, dipping Oreo cookies in milk, using milk to make hot chocolate and so many more reasons.

Do you remember going to school and seeing the "Got Milk" ads hanging up in cafeterias?

Well according to theodysseyonline.com, the hoopla about dairy is just a marketing campaign by the American Dairy Industry. And a powerful one at that.

What really grosses out a lot of people is the fact that the milk we drink comes from cows. And that whole process is gross.

A cow starts to produce milk when her first calf is born, which typically happens when the cow is about two years old.

Anyway, long story short, to produce milk, cows need to eat a variety of grasses, clover and bulky fodder, plus food that's rich in protein and energy.

You want the truth? Milk doesn't have all the benefits that people claim it has. A study done by Dr. Willett shows us otherwise. (theodysseyonline.com)

Dr. Willett teaches us six important things about dairy:

1. Dairy doesn't give you stronger bones.

2. The lower the dairy intake, the stronger the bones.

3. Calcium isn't as effective as we think when it comes to protecting bones.

4. Dairy can increase the risk of cancer.

5. Calcium has benefits that dairy doesn't.

6. Not everyone can stomach dairy.

If those facts aren't enough to make you question drinking milk, maybe the way milk is produced will.

And one more thing, when was the last time you watched someone order a tall glass of milk at your favorite restaurant? That's because milk is weird and gross. Drink water!

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