It’s an 11-foot tall crucifix with a statue of a 5 foot, 5-inch tall Jesus. Some years ago, members of the Saginaw Underwater Explorers dove into the waters of Little Traverse Bay in Petoskey to scrub marine growth from the crucifix. In this photo gallery, you'll see some eerie-yet-beautiful pictures of the crucifix and the divers as they remove the marine crust.

But what’s it doing at the bottom of Lake Michigan?

Originally it was to be used as a grave marker for a 15-year-old boy who was killed in a farm accident in 1956. When the family received it, it was damaged and they refused to pay for it…but they are not the ones who sunk it to the bottom of the lake.

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It was purchased by the Wyandotte Superior Marine Club to be used as a marker for all people who died in shipwrecks on Lake Michigan.

Maybe this summer, you can head up to Little Traverse Bay in Petoskey and see it for yourself!

See some great underwater photos in the gallery below; then find out more and read the story by clicking HERE.



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