Have you ever witnessed an actual unidentified flying object across Michigan's night sky?

Could it just be your imagination or did you really think it was a real UFO? Perhaps you did see something and that's why "Unsolved Mysteries" has a special episode on Netflix called "Something in the Sky."

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I certainly plan on watching this new episode just to see what the buzz is about. It seems that many people from Michigan saw something unusual in the night sky back on March 8,1994.

Michiganders claimed to have seem something with bright multiple circular lights in the sky. This all took place in West Michigan at several locations.

According to mlive.com:

“It was about 9 at night. The light outside was so bright. I did a double-take, no, I saw four lights. That can’t be a full moon,” described Cindy Pravda on “Unsolved Mysteries.” “The lights were in a straight line, stationary, just above our tree line. The one to the far left moved slowly across the tree line and slowly came back in formation again. The other one to the far right was starting to slowly move and it was just gone in a flash. Then I’m left with two.”

What is it about the complete unknown that fascinates so many people. How would you handle it, if you saw something that didn't make any sense whatsoever.

Here's what another Michigander had to say when she claimed to have seen an unidentified flying object. Courtesy of mlive.com:

“This thing is roughly 300 feet right across the street and it wasn’t doing anything except going as slow as it possibly could,” Graves added. “It was not like a plane. It was not like a blimp. It was not like anything I’ve ever seen. It was a chrome material, cylinder shape and they were going around in a circle. I saw no windows and then lights coming out at the bottom.”

Perhaps once you watch the new Netflix show called "Something in the Sky," you will become a true believer of UFOs.

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