To get to this place out in the woods just south of Fenton, go down White Lake Road, east past the Tyrone Memory Gardens, pass the kneeling statue, down a dirt road, and over an old wooden bridge. It sits along Runyan Creek behind the Sunken Garden Cemetery and next to the Colwell Cemetery in upper Livingston County.

It's the Tyrone Sunken Garden that has been designed in a Stonehenge mode, made up of stone from all fifty states; each stone has their state motto and flower engraved. Some of the stones found here have been quarried from hundreds of years ago. The garden itself was created sometime between 1930-1935 by Charles Eugene Smith. Aside from the stones, it used to be a place to come play miniature golf, see peacocks, and ride a small train.

There's a huge stone that visitors first come across that has an inscription by Smith that reads, “After having traveled around the world four different times and visited parts of Europe, Asia, North America, South America, North and South Africa, Australia and the islands of New Zealand Tasmania, St. Helena, Canary, Fiji, Ceylon, Iceland, Hawaii, Philippines, Newfoundland, Faroe and many others and considering the famous rock gardens of Iceland and the sunken gardens of London, England, and Mexico City the most beautiful I contribute this memorial on my memory to this small garden.”

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Looking at it from an aerial view, it resembles a diamond-shaped object, or maybe an alien spaceship with eight sections. The sections are divided by stone pathways that all lead to the center.

Because of its unique, mystical design, some groups have come here hoping to experience something otherworldly...or inner-worldly. Also, the eeriness of the grounds have some people believing there is something paranormal going on in there.

It may or may not be open to the public at this time, but either way, adhere to any “no trespassing' signs and don't vandalize. All in all, it's an extremely interesting place to visit and it just might make you awestruck.

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