Any self-respecting Mid-Michigander knows of Turkeyville, six miles north of Marshall in Calhoun County...but have you ever wondered how and when it got started?

After Wayne & Marjorie Cornwell were married in 1943, Wayne decided he would make his living as a farmer. He tried raising cows but that route dismally failed, with his cows becoming sick.

A sympathetic and understanding neighbor gave the Cornwells a dozen turkeys in hopes to help out his friends.....boy, did he ever!

Wayne's turkey farm boomed and a few years later, the Cornwells began making and selling homemade turkey sandwiches at fairs and local events. The demand for their sandwiches grew, so in 1968 they opened up a tiny cafe' on the property that is now Turkeyville. Marjorie made the food, Wayne served 'em, and the public “gobbled” 'em up.

The Cornwells' sandwich success meant more additions over the decades: an ice cream parlor, second dining room, gift shop, bakery, and dinner theater.

Not resting, they began holding craft & garden shows, flea markets, antiques, and yard sales. Still moving forward, they opened an RV Camp Resort, just south of the turkey you can camp on the farm and eat more turkey every day!

Wayne passed away in 1996, followed by Marjorie in 2005.



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