The Traveler's Club International Restaurant and Tuba Museum in Okemos was a kool little out-of-the-way place to go for a bite to eat. It was small but the menu was featured cuisine from all over the world...not just "dogs & burgers" as a tourist might expect. I ate there many times and loved the Szechuan food!

It was subtitled "tuba museum," even though the many tubas were being used for wall decor and atmosphere...AND WE LOVED IT.

So...this well-loved establishment closed in 2012 and was said to re-open in a new location in 2013. I understand the owner(s) are trying to re-open with no luck so far.

For those of you who fondly remember their food, drinks, tubas and atmosphere, visit their Facebook page and they'll keep you updated on their latest news. Maybe you can leave them a message to let them know their fans, patrons & admirers are still around! It might help!