Why is it that every time lower Michigan has a winter weather advisory, motorists seem to continue driving at excessive speeds?

You always hear the traffic report on local radio stations urging motorists to slow down and that's usually because there are numerous reports of slide offs along several local highways.

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And the reason many happen to be in a ditch somewhere is because they don't know how to drive their vehicle during major snow storms.

According to mlive.com:

This is also the kind of bad-weather day when we typically see lower speeds on highways and multiple traffic crashes and slide-offs as the roads get increasingly snow-covered.

Can you imagine what's it's like for someone who use to live in Florida, who now lives in Michigan, and that they have no idea how to drive in inclement weather.

People try to stay on top of the weather by watching local TV news and by listening to the radio. Are you familiar with the easy online mapping sysytem?

From mlive.com:

This easy, online mapping system with click-thru layers can show you where state and contracted county plows are working to clear snow between you and your destination, how many plows are on the road, and even give you a driver’s-seat view from the in-plow cameras. It also shows the view from dozens of other highway cameras from around the state.
Here's the bottom line when it comes to driving in bad weather. Slow down and focus more on your driving skills. Do not become distracted and drive below the posted speed limit.

And what ever you do, don't slam on your brakes or you'll end up in a ditch. Snow and ice on the roads are not your friends. Take your time, use caution and you'll most likely end up safe and sound at your next destination.

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