In Charlevoix County, somewhat northwest of the small town of Vanderbilt near the Gaylord State Forest area, lies a hidden graveyard, said by locals to be haunted.

This old cemetery is known as the Fox Tower Cemetery - or just plain Tower Cemetery - as it sits hidden along a dirt road, Tower Road (just off Woodward Road), and has just a few graves, some from the 1800's.

Locals and visitors who seek out this secluded graveyard report feeling a much cooler temperature as soon as you go through the cemetery gates. Some say it gets so cold, they can even see their breath...and yes, during summer months. Some have claimed that upon approaching the gates, they sometimes open by themselves, as if they are daring you to come in.

Footsteps have been heard throughout the graveyard grounds when there is no one else there.

Some burial plots appear to be soft and freak some people out, as it feels as if they're sinking into a grave.

Many years ago, a couple of teenagers would go into the cemetery to look under tombstones for family mementos left by relatives. Even after being warned by a grandparent that that was not such a smart idea, they went back anyway. This time, a tombstone they were standing next to toppled over - BY ITSELF - and landed on the foot of one of the boys and broke it. The boys never returned.

Ghostly vapors & mist have been seen rising out of graves in the evening.

This little-known graveyard-in-the-woods is pleasant enough during the daylight, but night time is a whole different tale.

As always, when visiting graveyards, be respectful, don't vandalize and don't disturb any neighbors. Don't ruin it for others - or yourself - who may want to visit in the future.

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