Today is National Oreo Cookie Day.   The Oreo cookie made its debut in 1912 in New York City.  Nothing is better than a sleeve of Oreo cookies and a tall cold glass of milk.

Since most of us love cookies in general, I thought I would give you the official list of the Top Ten Best Cookies.

Number one on the list is Chocolate Chip cookies.  Good old fashioned classic chocolate chip cookies are the most popular cookies in America.

Number two on the list is Oreo cookies.  In my opinion, these are the best cookies of all.  Much better than chocolate chip.

Number three is Sugar cookies.  Delicious.  I could eat these non-stop.  I prefer these over chocolate chip cookies as well.

Number four on the list are Snickerdoodles.  This reminds me of a warm cozy fireplace and a cup of hot chocolate.

Number five on the list of Top Ten Best Cookies are Chips Ahoy.  When I was a kid, my mom would buy me a whole box of Chips Ahoy and it wouldn't take me long to finish them off.

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