99.1 WFMK will celebrate one of our favorite decades starting this Friday at 5 p.m. with John Robinson. We're going all '80s on the weekend! So take us along wherever you go with our station app and let's relive the '80s with the best music and the top fashion trends from the '80s.

There were so many great things that came out of the '80s and it would take so long to come up with everything. What we do remember most is all of the great music, the fashion trends, and hitting just about every night club in the Lansing area.

According to legacybox.com, here are some of the biggest fashion trends from the '80s:

1. Big Hair. If you remember the '80s like I do, it was nothing but big hair for the ladies. And since I went to quite a few dance clubs back in the '80s like Slammer's, CJ Barrymore's, and Dooley's in East Lansing, the ladies were dressed to kill with '80s clothes and BIG HAIR!

2. Spandex. Even though spandex was popular back in the '80s, I personally didn't care for it. But so many people did. Spandex was all the rage back in the '80s. Spandex was the material of the future. Everyone was wearing Spandex. (Except for me)

3. Ripped Knees. If I remember correctly, this was quite the look even though grandma didn't care for the look. Yes, jeans had all seen better days. Every pair of jeans had the knees torn out. These days you can just buy your jeans that way.

4. Leg warmers. Who would have thought that someone would come up with a way to keep your calves from freezing. We all remember wearing leg warmers during the '80s.

5. Neon colors. Neon colors were everywhere in the '80s. You would see them a lot at local skating rinks, several community bars in the Lansing area, and at local dance parties.

6. Side ponytails. Not only the decade for BIG HAIR, but also the decade for side ponytails. We would probably have to say that this trend has gone away for good and let's keep it that way. (LOL)

7.Cut off sweatshirts. Talk about a sweeping trend back in the '80s. Everywhere you turned, someone was wearing a cut off sweatshirt to go with their high waisted jeans. (legacybox.com)

It's truly amazing to remember all of the fun and crazy things that came out of one of the best decades ever.

So please, tune in to 99.1 WFMK for our Feel Good '80s Weekends and enjoy all of the great songs we grew up listening too!

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