Where do we begin with this one? We all have a few bad habits that could use a little work when it comes to breaking them. Bad habits like biting your nails or playing with your hair. What about chewing your food with your mouth open.

Some of these habits are hard to break, but it can be done with a little perseverance.

According to health.howstuffworks.com, here are the top 6 hardest habits to break:

6. Gum Snapping. Okay, for me, this drives me nuts!!!! I can't stand listening to anyone popping their gum or for that matter snapping their gum. Gum snapping can become an unconscious behavior used to relieve stress or boredom. If you can't chew your gum with your mouth closed, then just dispose of it and do us all a favor.

5. Tardiness. Definitely a hard habit to break. Everyone hates being late for school, late for an appointment or just being late for work. In private life, your friends and family can can a little upset if you're always the last one to arrive to a gathering.

4. Interrupting. Another one of my own pet peeves. People who interrupt you when you're talking. Even though interrupting is considered rude, we all do it. Perhaps it's important to be a good listener and then you'll know the appropriate times to speak without rude interruptions.

3. Gossiping. "If gossiping weren't fun and entertaining, there wouldn't be so many TV shows, websites and magazines devoted to talking about what celebrities are doing." (health.howstuffworks.com)

2. Fidgeting. Here's yet another bad habit that is used to fight boredom or relieve stress. It's basically not being able to sit still. Fidgeting is one of those bad habits that can have a social impact, especially if it is constant.

1. Excessive Screen Time. This is all bout your computer, TV, tablet or phone. Scientists have found that too much screen time can cause eye fatigue and blurred vision. Less is best!

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