According to, Michigan is simply overflowing with charming beach towns to visit and explore.

We have narrowed it down to several gorgeous spots that every Michigander must visit at least once. They don't call Michigan the Great Lakes State for nothing!

When was the last time you visited any of these beautiful beach towns?

1. South Haven. My wife and I love South Haven. What's not to love? The downtown area has plenty of beachside shopping. It's always fun to shop for a new beach towel or sunglasses. Have fun on the beach and don't forget to watch the sunset over the pier.

2. Ludington. This will be our 3rd trip in three years. Lori and I are going to Ludington for our anniversary later this month. The beach is beautiful and the overall scenery is outstanding. If you enjoy lighthouses and white sand, you will love Ludington!

3. Manistee. Roughly 30 minutes north of Ludington. In fact, my wife and I will be playing golf in Manistee the day of our anniversary. Check out First Street Beach and stroll along the riverwalk.

4. Frankfort. The scenery here is fantastic. Lake Michigan is stunning along the beach in Frankfort. You can also check out a nearby lake called Crystal Lake. Make sure you visit the Point Betsie Lighthouse.

5. East Tawas. This is such a beautiful area of the state as well. Just incredible views of Lake Huron and a small town atmosphere that will truly amaze you. The Tawas Point State Park has a beautiful shoreline too.

6. Mackinaw City. We love Mackinaw City too. It's amazing when you get there because one of the first things you see is the Mackinac Bridge. Lots of shopping and plenty of time for lounging beachside. Make sure you pick up several slices of delicious fudge.

These are some of the best beach towns in Michigan. If you're ready to see a few more, check them out at

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