Did you know that at least 60% of people don't get along with at least one of their neighbors? It's true, in fact, I live next door to someone I don't get along with at all.

What are some of the reasons why some people don't get along with their neighbors:

1. They block your driveway.

2. Their dog barks all night.

3. Too noisy.

4. Their lawn is a complete mess.

5. They don't understand me.

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This is all a matter of opinion and it should be based on your own personal experiences. So here is my list as to why I don't get along with several of my annoying neighbors:

1. Dog barks in the middle of the night- A nice couple who lives across the street from my wife and I have a yipping and annoying barking dog. This dog barks at all hours of the night and that only means one thing-disrupts our sleep.

2. Complete laziness-Two other neighbors are so lazy, that they won't even mow their own lawns. In fact, they rarely ever come out of their house. So you can just imagine how their yards look, not appealing to say the least.

3. Next door neighbor does strange things-This guy is completely annoying. He'll come outside once in a great while to hook up a propane tank to some kind of gadget that he uses to burn weeds.in his driveway. He doesn't talk to me and I completely ignore him.

4. The too nice neighbor-I don't care for this neighbor at all. This lady is always too nice and wants to know everyone's business. She is too nosy and will not stop talking. (go away)

5. The dog walker-It's not that this guy is annoying or anything like that, but he is an official dog trainer. He walks his dogs by our house every half hour or so. And it drives me crazy! Up and down our road day and night with all kinds of furry friends.

Well that pretty much sums up my list of neighbors I don't necessarily get along with or for that matter, even like. (YOU DON'T GET TO PICK YOUR NEIGHBORS)

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