My wife and I having been talking about getting a dog sometime in the near future. We're still not quite sure which dog breed is the best for us.

But we are looking for a kid friendly dog that's very playful and full of fun energy.

We have 5 different dog breeds already picked out and plan on moving forward as soon as my wife and I can make a decision.

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I was checking out this website called just to get some really good ideas on great kid friendly dogs that we could choose from.

Here's what my wife and I came up with regarding our top 5 choices:

1. Cocker Spaniel. These dogs are the best. Cocker Spaniels have a  lot of energy and they love to play with kids, parents, neighbors, and just about anyone you can think of.

2. Beagle. I personally love beagles. I love the way they look and consider these types of dogs as kids best friend. We can tell you based on facts that beagles love attention. And that's why a beagle would make a great choice as a family pet.

3. Golden Retriever. Everyone loves golden retrievers. What's not to love. They are beautiful dogs and they make great family editions. Perfect for the entire family. Golden Retrievers are very smart dogs and extremely loyal.

4. Weimaraner. I had a weimaraner when I was a kid and absolutely loved that dog. It was very kid friendly, lots of energy, and lots of fun. Weimaraners love to jump around a lot and are very dedicated and loyal pets.

5. Border Collie. Love border collies. These dogs are very popular as well and are perfect pets for kids who have lots of energy. Border Collies have always been known as working dogs. A border collie would make a great edition to any family household.

Now you can understand why my wife and I are having a difficult time trying to make the right decision on picking out the perfect pet for us. You can't go wrong with any of the above choices. (

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