What makes the perfect Halloween night? Most would say the right costume, lots of candy, Halloween parties, and what about Halloween music?

Nothing puts you more in the Halloween spirit than listening to your favorite Halloween songs.

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Before we give you our pick of the top 5 Best Halloween songs for Michigan Trick or Treaters, let me just say that Halloween is one of my favorite Holidays.

Even to this day I still like dressing up in different costumes. A few years ago I won a Halloween costume contest just for dressing up as a Pirate.

When I was younger, I would volunteer for one of the Lansing areas haunted houses called "Scream in the Dark." I would dress up as the Wolfman and scare everyone who dared to enter into the Wolfman's den.

Campus Life's "Scream in the Dark" at one time was one of the most popular haunted houses in the greater Lansing area. People from all over the mid-Michigan area would come to this incredibly scary haunted house and never be the same. (Lol)

It's time now for the Top 5 Best Halloween songs for Michigan trick or treaters:

5. I put a spell on you.

4. Somebody's watching Me.

3. Monster Mash.

2. Ghostbusters.

1. Thriller.

Does it get any better than Michael Jackson's "Thriller?"

Now that you've seen our list of the top 5 best Halloween songs for trick or treaters, what songs would you pick as your top 5 favorites?

There are many more Halloween songs to choose from so why not check out this song list from timeout.com.

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