We all love our pets whether it's a dog, cat, gerbil, hamster, turtle, and so many other pets that bring us so much happiness.

I can think of one animal out there that would make for a really bad pet, a STINKING SKUNK!

Wait a minute, is it possible to take in a skunk as a household member? I suppose it depends on who you ask.

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I found this really cool website called thesprucepets.com and started reading great information about skunks.

Here are the top 10 reasons why you should never have a pet skunk in Michigan:

1. Never take a skunk from the wild. So true, this is a big problem because it's illegal to own a skunk unless you are a licensed wildlife rehabber.

2. Not in my house ever. First of all I'm afraid of skunks, and second, you can never get that stink out of anything. Doesn't matter what you use. Been there, done that!

3. What would your friends think? Perhaps they would think you are completely off your rocker. Would you even want to invite anyone over in the first place?

4. Buy your pet skunk from a breeder or rescue group. You need a younger skunk so you can practice taming it. (Good luck with that)

5. The majority of states ban skunks as pets. Although keeping a domesticated skunk happy and healthy takes a lot of work, it is allowed.

6. Lack of scent glands. Not sure I would take a chance on lack of scent glands. However, there is a procedure that can actually be done to help prevent stink home.

7. They are active and curious. Skunks are very active and enjoy getting into things like open cabinets, drawers, and just about anything and everything.

8. Playful and cuddly. Maybe so, but would you be comfortable with a cuddly skunk by your side? They say that skunks are friendly and intelligent.

9. Stubborn and headstrong. This best describes a skunk's personality traits. But keep in mind that pet skunks are low maintenance pets, kind of like a cat. Not sure if I would be more comfortable with a cat or a skunk. Would a cat and a skunk get along?

10. Hisses, chirps, and whines. Most pets make some kind of noise, skunks have their own unique sounds. It's like a snake, bird, and dog all mixed together in one skink.

Just remember that wild skunks are not to be kept as pets and it's illegal in most states. According to thesprucepets.com:

Make sure you know all of your state and local laws before committing.

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