Let's get started with this one right now. We all have a fear of something or certain things. I have a fear of spiders, flying in airplanes, and a fear of heights. What do you fear the most?

According to fearof.net, here are the Top 10 Phobias of all time-2020 Update.

10. Trypophobia-the fear of holes. Does that mean I shouldn't golf anymore based on putting the golf ball into a small hole? Not sure about that, but I can tell you that this is an extreme and irrational fear of holes. Even holes in sponges no less.

9. Aerophobia-the fear of flying. This affects nearly 6.5% of the world's population. This fear affects the person's professional and personal life as air travel is nearly impossible.

8. Mysophobia-the fear of germs. This phobia might lead to many complications since the person will go to great lengths to avoid all kinds of social situations.

7. Claustrophobia-the fear of small spaces. Only 2% of its sufferers seek treatment.

6. Astraphobia-the fear of thunder and lightning. I don't fear thunder even though it can be really loud at times. but I do fear lightning! I've been known to hide under the bed.

5. Cynophobia-the fear of dogs. The extreme fear of dogs, is one of the most common animal phobias around the world. I Love dogs, I just fear the mean ones!

4. Agoraphobia-the fear of open or crowded spaces. Agoraphobia becomes a vicious circle where the sufferer feels afraid of experiencing a panic attack.

3. Acrophobia-the fear of heights. This is an irrational fear of heights or the fear of falling, even when the person is not really that high up.

2. Ophidiophobia-the fear of snakes. Need I say more? Next up is the number one phobia of all time!

1. Arachnophobia-the fear of spiders. I personally have this phobia. I cannot handle any type of spider. It is one of the most common animal phobias around the world. (fearof.net)

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