Who doesn't Love Easter? What's not to Love, you get to look for an Easter basket and then eat all the candy you can sink your teeth into!

Let's take a look at the 10 Best Easter candies, ranked by taste. Why didn't they call me so I could have helped out with this sweet treats list?

According to spoonuniversity.com, these are your top 10 Best Easter candies:

10. Jelly beans: Since people seem to throw them anywhere and everywhere, they aren't always eaten.

9. Easter M&M's: regardless of their color, it seems as if Easter M&M's taste better than regular M&M's.

8. Cadbury Creme Eggs:These delicious eggs are filled with white and orange icing.

7.Hershey's Chocolate Marshmallow Eggs: Can I just say...YUMMY!!!

6. Whoppers Robin Eggs: These eggs have a crunchy chocolate shell. One of the best you can sink your teeth into.

5.Chocolate Bunnies: My wife buys me chocolate bunnies every Easter because she knows how much I Love them.

4. Peeps: Okay, can I be completely honest please? How did Peeps even make this list. I know they're kind of cute, but not a fan.

3. Lindt Chocolate Carrots: Even though I have never tried these, I'm sure they are fabulous. Many say these carrots are super healthy with their Swiss chocolate and hazelnut flavor.

2. Reese's Peanut Butter Eggs: Is there anything Better? Love them! Chocolate and peanut butter.

1. Russell Stover's Chocolate Eggs: Russell Stover has so many great flavors for their eggs like red velvet and banana whip. I can understand why they hold the number one spot on the 10 Best Easter Candies list.

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