It's been a few years since the release, but did you know the city of Lansing actually was the city of choice for the Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson film the "Tooth Fairy"?

The Movie "The Tooth Fairy" Was Based in Lansing

Now, if you know anything about this franchise, there were actually two movies. We are staying focused on the film with The Rock in it, though, as it was based here in Lansing.

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In fact, if you ever watch the movie, you'll see that the team he plays for is the Lansing Ice Wolves. We all know this is a fictional team; however, you'll see the name Lansing on the wall in a few scenes...even a few cop cars.

MovieclipsPROMO via YouTube
MovieclipsPROMO via YouTube

None of the shots from the movie were filmed here in the city of Lansing. If you pay attention throughout the movie, you will both hear and see mentions of the capital city.

Local Radio Station Makes Appearance Inside The Tooth Fairy Movie

Not only did they base the movie around the city, but they also grabbed some graphics related to a real-life radio station here in Lansing. One that is a live and well and broadcasting the best in play-by-play and commentary in the capital city.

As seen here in a clip from the trailer, The Rock is sitting right next to The Game 730 AM's logo.

20th Century Studios via Youtube
20th Century Studios via Youtube

The Game 730 AM is a radio station on the AM dial, delivering sports talk and the occasional game or two from local area teams.

Next time you watch The Rock sit in the penalty box, you'll see the logo from a Lansing radio station, which back in its hay day was more commonly known as WVIC.

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