Dog Rescue Center Aims To Help Addicts, In Addition To Canines
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A woman in Detroit noticed a dog all by himself on a hot day, so she asked around and know one knew where the dog came from.  Being a good soul, the woman put the dog in her car and took the  to her Veterinarian.

The female dog, believed to be a mix of German Sheppard and Pit Bull was then seen by the Vet who noticed that the dog didn't have a tongue.  The Dr. noticed that the was eating funny, the dog held her  head up so food could slide down her throat.

The beautiful girl was rescued by the Detroit Pit Crew Dog Rescue.  The groups founder, Theresa Sumpter said because the dog didn't have a tongue she wouldn't be able to regulate her body temperature, and in the summer that could be deadly.

The rescued dog is currently at a Veterinary Hospital, where she is receiving care.


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