Even when the James Bond franchise is proceeding in an orderly, predictable fashion, people love to speculate about the identity of the next actor to play James Bond. But now Bond actually needs a new star. Daniel Craig officially retired from the franchise with this fall’s No Time to Die. Bond’s producers have said that the search for the next 007 will begin next year. So who’s it going to be?

Here is one actor who is at least unofficially throwing his hat in the ring: Spider-Man star Tom Holland. In a lengthy profile with GQ, Holland’s frequent co-star Jacob Batalon says that Holland “talks about being James Bond a lot ... a lot a lot.

Holland himself isn’t quoted in the piece about his apparent Bond ambitions, but they certainly are not outrageous. He’s already headlined one major franchise, with a second — Uncharted, based on the hit video game series — coming to theaters next year. He’s a good actor, he’s British, he’s athletic, he can do fighting and stunts. He’s got most of the major qualifications you need to be Bond.

If there’s a reason to think Holland won’t be the next Bond it’s that he basically could play the version of the character that Daniel Craig just played: The young, idealistic secret agent who learns about how the world really works as he becomes a battle-hardened 007. You have to assume having just explored that Bond in five movies, the producers are going to want to do something different; if not an older Bond then at least more of a classical one, or one that brings a flavor to the part that’s not like what Daniel Craig did. Holland could have stepped in to make, like, Quantum of Solace if for some reason Craig had quit after Casino Royale. But I’m not sure he’s the guy you bring in now for a totally fresh start.

Regardless of whether his Bond dreams pan out, Holland’s latest Spider-Man, No Way Home, opens in theaters on December 17, 2021.

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