Straws have been a point of contention as we all navigate how we can all try to make small changes to help our planet, here's how you can skip them altogether.

The typical plastic cylindrical tubes we know and love have been "called out" in recent years for causing unnecessary waste polluting our land and our oceans and people are now trying to change our habits for the better.

According to National Day Calendar, National Skip The Straw Day was started by a group of students at Whitehall Middle School here in Michigan called the "Coral Keepers."

They started the day as a way to encourage people to give up straws and spread awareness about just how much damage disposable plastics can do.

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"Skipping the straw" does not necessarily mean completely ditching the drinking utensil but making more sustainable choices, here are a few options to do that:

  • 1

    Paper Straws

    While these kinds of straws do have a bit of a downfall when it comes to durability, they are a more cost-effective option already adopted by many bars and restaurants.

  • 2

    Bamboo Straws

    Bamboo is a sturdier alternative to plastic and is actually biodegradable! Many of your more single-use plastic products offer bamboo alternatives and that goes for straws now too.

  • 3

    Silicone Straws

    If still you want something that is a bit more pliable for your straw-biting habits, silicone straws are a great, reusable, still bitably bendy alternative.

  • 4

    Stainless Steel Straws

    These are ones you've probably seen a bit more than the rest. Stainless straws are reusable, easily washable, and some even come with silicone tips for those who don't necessarily love the mouthfeel of just the metal.

  • 5

    Strawless Lids

    Like with many hot drinks, there are special lids designed so you don't even need a straw. Take your favorite coffee place, for example. Now, you can go straw-free for iced drinks as well. Coffee chains like Starbucks have adopted the new lids and yesterday I learned Tim Hortons is following suit.


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