Tipton is located in Lenawee County's Franklin Township.

The village was settled in 1831 by Reverend Henry Tripp, a British immigrant. It was given the moniker “Franklin Center” named after the township, which was named after Benjamin Franklin. The village received a post office in the summer of 1834, with William Camburn elected to be the first postmaster.

In 1855, Tripp constructed and operated a sawmill, bringing extra economy to the community. The village was re-named "Tripp Town" in his honor, and then shortened to "Tipton". His sawmill was so innovative for its time, that it was renovated and moved to the Henry Ford Museum as one of Michigan's historic relics. Henry Tripp passed away in 1863 at the age of 79.

Aside from being a postal service, Tipton also became a station on the Detroit, Toledo & Milwaukee railroad. There was also a town hall, church, school, and various shops.

You'll get so interested in exploring Tipton, that you may not notice that there are NO businesses left...except a real estate office, that may or may not even be open anymore!

However, just three miles away to the west is Hidden Lakes Gardens, which is a great place to spend a Sunday afternoon. Visit both sometime this year!


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