Tick season is here…finding one of these little @#%&'s on your neck, leg, arm, back - or wherever - is NO pleasant thing.

These nasty little vampires show up on household pets and kids; ‘experts’ say large tick populations are due to winter snow that insulates ticks and their eggs from the cold.

There’s a black-legged tick that carries lyme disease and the one to especially watch out for.

Keep your lawn mowed and weeded, as these little suckers will cling to your pantlegs and your pet’s fur…from there, they come into your home.

Best way to remove a tick? Put rubbing alcohol on it – it will then release it’s grip –  and yank it out with tweezers (SEE PHOTOS BELOW). Peppermint oil seems to work, too.

Also, a wet Q-tip seems to work, if you use it to gently rotate the tick about 5 times...it will remove itself.

If you spot and remove a tick early, you better your chances to avoid infections.

Find out how to avoid ticks and how to successfully remove 'em, plus get more info on webmd.com!


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