WARNING: Under no circumstances should you enter these properties. By doing so you risk bodily harm and/or prosecution for trespassing on private property.

The fascination with abandoned structures never ends.

The gallery below features images of three abandoned homes, at undisclosed locations in the Upper Peninsula.

The first house is not what you'd expect; it's deteriorating on the outside but the inside looks like someone is making an attempt to fix it up. Upstairs in the bare attic sits a lone folding chair, perched in front of the window. It appears that someone used that chair to sit and stare out the window, but at what? The view shows just an old shack and another old roofless farm building with trees growing out of it. Other than that, it's just an open field with woods in the back. Inside the shack a lone shackle on the wall was discovered. What was that used for?

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House number two has a gaudy inside, with two shades of blue: kind of like a swimming pool blue and blue/green. The downstairs isn't too bad, but upstairs rooms are a mess. Toys, clothes, games, books...and a windowsill full of dead flies. The basement of the house is creepy enough, but nothing of too much interest except the usual junk you find in cellars. Out behind the house is a structure that looks like a small barn that had a shed built onto it. Not very exciting.

House number three was too far gone to enter and explore, but still interesting. Walls have rotted and/or given way, making it easy to see inside. You can see the outline on the wall that shows where the staircase once was but other than looking into the fallen walls, you can't safely get upstairs to take a look.

As mentioned in the past, places like these are scattered entirely throughout the Upper Peninsula which makes a northern Michigan roadtrip all the more interesting. Again, always seek permission before entering any abandoned structure to avoid prosecution. Now take a look at the photos below!

Three Abandoned Upper Peninsula Houses


Abandoned Farmhouse In Howell

Abandoned Trailers in Northern Michigan

Abandoned U.P. Ramshackle House

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