How do you personally feel about yoga? I know people right here in the Lansing area who say they absolutely love yoga. Some would say they are addicted to yoga.

I have recently been going through some back issues where my physical therapist would like to see me start working on strengthening my core.

So that's exactly what I've been doing lately just to help me with my struggling lower back pain.

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The other day, someone at work suggested that I try yoga. And I said yoga? I don't know anything about yoga.

Now that I've had some time to look up yoga on my computer, I've been reading up on yoga and it sounds like it just might be the perfect fit for me and my back troubles.

I do know that more than 90 percent of  people come to yoga for stress relief, health, flexibility, and physical fitness.

I even know people that I used to work with who are now teaching yoga classes because they love yoga that much.

Is it possible to be addicted to yoga? I think that's more of a personal question, but I think if yoga brings the best out in each and every person, why not go for it.

I found this great article online from and they give 3 reasons as to why people get completely obsessed with it.

According to

You don't have to be able to turn yourself into a human pretzel in order to do yoga. There are many different styles of yoga, and many levels of intensity within those styles. If you want a really hardcore work out that will make you sweat buckets, congrats! There's a yoga style for you!

I do have to say I don't want a routine where I sweat buckets. I just want a nice routine where I can take my time and work on flexibility and my overall posture.

I think I will start out slow and see how it goes. There's a reason why millions of people in the United States are hooked on yoga!

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