The Michigan State University Spartans are headed to the Rose Bowl and a few fans could be headed to jail.

Crowds, overwhelmed by the Green and White's 34-24 win over Ohio State over the weekend, were a bit too overzealous in their celebrations of the win according to East Lansing police.  Several arrests were made after at least 55 fires were set in the city.  A number of people were taken into custody and charged with disorderly conduct and malicious destruction of property.

Police say it's not over yet, they're looking over surveillance tape to try to identify others involved in the melee and are asking the public for help in providing names.  Those at the school are also calling for cooperation, hoping to identify those responsible.  They say the actions have brought shame to the university and those reponsible for the unlaw acts should be dealt with severely.

During CedarFest rioting in years past, several students ended up behind bars and with plenty of restitution to pay for damages caused.  Police beefed up their presence this year in anticipation of problems, but were suprised by the number of students who participated in either actively setting fires or prompting others to do so.

The crowd that turned out shortly after the game Saturday night was estimated at more than a thousand.