(Updated 05-18-20)

I came across this town by accident and thought I'd share it...

Thompsonville lies in Benzie County, southwest of Traverse City and Interlochen. It doesn't seem to be considered a ghost town, but by driving through it, you may think it qualifies.

In the 1890's, Thompsonville was only one of three towns in Benzie County that had a railroad go through; nowadays the tracks are long gone (the county at that time had 15 post offices, now it has only three).

There are many old houses and buildings that still stand and it has a ghostly air to it as you drive thru - especially on a cloudy day or at night. There are a handful of residents in Thompsonville (441 at last census) but not many businesses...but Crystal Mountain is just 2.5 miles west of Thompsonville on Lindy Road. So if you ever plan on spending a night or two at Crystal Mountain, take a short drive over to Thompsonville and get a feel of a town that makes Mayberry look like Metropolis.



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