SALE #1 -
“Michigan's Longest Garage Sale” is this Fri-Sat-Sun, August 14-16.

Alternately called “The US-12 Heritage Trail Garage Sale”, it's a 180-mile stretch from New Buffalo to Detroit. People who live along that route will be roadside with thousands and thousands of merchandise to choose from: old, new, antique, collectibles, rarities, household stuff, dvds, cds, comic books, homemade foods...the list goes on.

Being cooped up for so long, many of us have been waiting for this kind of here ya go.....we deserve a shopping spree! It's pure Americana...better than that, it's Pure Michigan! Check out more on their web page...

SALE #2 -
Here's another super-long yard/garage sale that says they're longer than the already-claimed “longest” sale! This one is over 200 miles long, traveling around Michigan's thumb from Sebewaing to Algonac, taking place this weekend, August 14-16.

The route travels around the thumb along the shores of Lake Huron, where you'll come across seemingly endless antiques, collectibles, necessities, treasures, souvenirs, and just-plain-fun stuff!

Take M-25-29 and follow it down the coastline (or up, depending where you wanna start), where you'll have plenty of photo ops and other cool stuff to see. Many other things await you like unique little shops, museums, historical places, old small towns, one-of-a-kind cafe's, and lots of scenery.

Holy cow – this just may turn out to be a great summer after all!
For some info on this Michigan yard/garage sale, call 810-324-2895 or CLICK HERE.

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