Arcadia Bluffs golf course has been on my "places to golf list" for a very long time and I can tell you why.

Every hole on this beautiful golf course overlooks one of our Great Lakes.  And that lake would be Lake Michigan.

Most of my friends have told me over and over again, Danny, you have to play Arcadia Bluffs in Arcadia, Michigan.  And I always ask why?

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They tell me to bring a lot of golf balls because you will lose plenty of them playing this golf course.

It's not even a matter of playing a good round of golf at Arcadia Bluffs.  It's a matter of the scenery.

I've played at plenty of Michigan golf courses over the years, but this is the one that I can't get out of my head.  I've never been there, but I have looked at many pictures and it truly looks amazing.

According to

Arcadia Bluffs was founded in 1999 on the windswept bluffs overlooking 3100 feet of Lake Michigan shoreline.  The original Bluffs Course resembles a seaside links course with rolling terrain, natural fescues, and panoramic views of beautiful Lake Michigan.

After reading that brief description of Arcadia Bluffs, I think you have a pretty good idea why everyone should play this golf course in northern Michigan.

One of my friends who played golf at Arcadia Bluffs told me how beautiful it was and said it wasn't an easy course to play, but the views of Lake Michigan are absolutely breathtaking.

I asked my friend if he lost any golf balls at Arcadia Bluffs Golf Course that day and he said, too many to count.

Summer is officially here and I have to play this golf course sometime before fall gets here.  The golf course is about 186 miles from Okemos, so that's not a bad drive at all.

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