On Sunday I was going to stay home and work in the basement putting up new doors, instead, I decided to take my wife Lori to see a new movie.

Now I wish I would have stayed home and worked on the doors.  I went to see one of the worst movies I've ever seen in my entire life.

The movie is called "Fist Fight" which I absolutely hated!!!!  This is the first time I've ever wanted to walk out of a theater while the movie was still playing.  It was so stupid and insulting on all levels.

I can't even believe it came in 5th place at the box office over the weekend.  "Fist Fight" should have never ever been released..

It was basically about two teachers who ended up in a school fist fight at the end of the movie.  I will say this, Ice Cube was very entertaining and at times funny.  Charlie Day with his high squeaky voice annoyed me so much that I simply couldn't take it!

There was so much profanity and risque scenes that were so inappropriate for anyone to see.  I remember watching the previews to this movie before it hit the theaters and at the time I thought, hey,  this movie looks kind of funny.

The previews were the only good parts to this horrible movie that I wouldn't even recommend to my worst enemies.

I had to apologize to my wife several times for taking her to see this horrible movie.  You don't have to be a movie critic to appreciate a really good movie vs a really bad one like "Fist Fight."  I'm letting my wife Lori pick all of the movies we see from now on!


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