Call this Detroit's point of no return - the Bridge to Canada exits in the city don't allow any return to the United States. Take it by accident and you could be in for a few hours of hassle. That's what happened to this driver who says he was 'deported' after taking that wrong turn.

The story was shared on reddit recently on the IdiotsInCars subreddit

I once took the wrong exit in Detroit. Turns out its the bridge to Canada, and they WILL NOT allow you to turn around. I had to wait an hour to be deported....

You are welcome to leave the US, but you can only enter the US from the proper direction, which is across the bridge and through the customs booth, not U-turning on the approach.

So if you use Exit 47B on Interstate 75 know that you're going to Canada without any opportunity to U-Turn.

But Deported?

Deportation. Apparently that's the way to get back into the United States if you've inadvertently crossed the border and don't have travel document needed like a passport or NEXUS card. By being "deported" from Canada, you are able to reverse course and enter the United States - not without a great deal of aggravation, no doubt.

Don't think that deportation won't stick on your record. Another redditor shared this story:

This happened to me in 2000 at the Niagara Falls. I was just following the signs to the falls, crossed a bridge and was ready to pay, when the guy in what I thought was the toll booth said "Welcome to Canada". Got myself deported in order to be able to reenter the US, but when I changed planes in Toronto in 2011, I was still taken aside for questioning.

Imagine this trouble, particularly if you're a recently made citizen of the US

This happened to my family in Buffalo when my dad accidentally went the wrong way. The border people told us to just go through (even though we told them none of us had passports on us) and that we couldn’t U-Turn. We spent all of Thanksgiving Day in the immigration office with the people there grilling my parents (who had become citizens years earlier) on what color paper and the numbers for their documentation was. This was post 9/11 so needless to say it was relentless...I’m actually not sure what convinced them to let us back in.

This is all to say there should be a clear path to U-Turn of this mistake is made

Lesson learned. If you're anywhere near the border, watch where you're going particularly if you don't have a passport on you.

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