I struggle with hobbies. I have a fun job and amazing family. I don't have a whole lot of free time for hobbies. Maybe I am just making an excuse? Most likely I am making an excuse so I can convince myself into not trying something new?

Collecting things is a hobby for many. My grandma used to collect owls. If it had an owl on it, grandma was collecting it. Everything from salt & pepper shakers and soap dishes, to clocks, towels and costers. The owl had a huge presence in my grandparents home.

Many people collect fancy cars, a ton of folks collect simple things.

I used to collect baseball cards when I was a kid. I bought the magazines that told you what card was worth how much money. I had a few cards that were worth a few bucks, sadly I have no idea what ever happened to my cards. I kind of gave up. I also didn't do myself any favors, I bought cards initially to see what Chicago Cubs' players I got in my pack. Die Hard Cubs fan here.

This year my 10 year old son fell in love with baseball. He loves playing the game and watching it too. He also discovered baseball cards and makes it his mission to acquire a new set of cards when we go to the store. When we go to the Lugnuts' games we make a stop at Nuts N Bolts so he can get some cards there too. These Lugnut players have a shot at being MLB stars, it'd be nice to have one of their minor league baseball cards.

Collecting could be a new hobby for me. I was curious about what mid Michiganders collect, the photos will give you a good idea.

Things mid Michiganders Collect

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