As the weather gets consistently warmer, it's no secret we Michiganders love to be on the water. Here are places you can have some outdoor fun from the comforts of your own inter-tube!

The other night my boyfriend, his family and I were planning for their annual float trip down by St. Louis, Missouri and it got me just itching to float down a river.

One of my favorite places for a float is actually the first place I ever did a float trip on and that would be the Au Sable river with my friends who live in the northeast part of Michigan that I mentioned earlier this week.

One of my favorite pictures, just chilling on a tube with some "Bud Heavy" going down the Au Sable / Maitlynn Mossolle
One of my favorite pictures, just chilling on a tube with some "Bud Heavy" going down the Au Sable / Maitlynn Mossolle

That being said, I know going all the way up to the Au Sable is a bit longer of a drive than some people are willing to make so here are some rivers you can float on down that are within just two hours of Lansing!

  • Chippewa River - Mt. Pleasant: As Only In Your State says, this river is "smack dab in the center of the state" and is easily accessible from most areas in Mt. Pleasant. With only about an hour drive north, it is also pretty easily accessible from Lansing or at least easy enough to pack up a cooler and the car and make a day of it.
  • Thornapple River - Hastings: While Hastings is but a stop along the river, it actually does go all the way from West Michigan into Potterville, making your trip a bit more customize-able. If you want to make the hour drive to West Michigan to float, you absolutely can, or find a drop-in spot a bit closer to home.
  • Muskegon River - Newaygo: Another river you'll have to head a bit west for but isn't too far of a journey for you. Stretching from Newaygo to Muskegon, this one is at the top end of our two-hour "budget" at an hour and 40 minutes but is absolutely worth it.
  • Huron River - Ann Arbor: Now we shift to the southeast part of the state and while I know we are in Spartan country here, the Huron river takes you through Ann Arbor, flowing from the Huron Swamp (thanks, Google) to Lake Erie.  At only about an hour-and-15-minute drive, this river is close enough to give you a different experience.
  • Rifle River - Sterling: While the Rifle River stretches from all the way up by Rose City to Saginaw Bay, there are still plenty of spots to drop in that are within our "two hour" limit. Only In Your State recommends dropping in Sterling, which is an hour and 54 minutes from Lansing.

While the weather is beautiful this weekend and you are stumped on things to do, blow up some tubes and find a new favorite spot to float like the freshwater-loving Michigander you are!

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