many years has it been now...this place (for now, referred to as "The House") has been under renovation for.....YEARS. Why hasn't it opened yet?

I go by this place every day and I always look to see if there are any residents yet.


I also look to see if there are any workmen doing any reconstruction.


So what's the deal? This used to be a pretty nice hotel decades ago, when it was owned by...yes, THE Leona Helmsley ("a Helmsley Hotel") and the lounge was "Sigee's."

This sprawling property would definitely be an excellent site for an apartment complex --- which is what it's SUPPOSED to be by now --- right off 127 on the corner of Collins & Dunckel roads across from the Red Roof Inn (3600 Dunckel, to be exact).

Much of this is already completed, so what's the holdup?
Did funds dry up?
Did the owners switched hands or changed their minds?

Interested prospective residents have tried calling the phone number on the sign and all they got were recordings.

Anybody have any explanations, thoughts, reasons?


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