The Fenton Hotel (in Fenton, Genesee County) was built in 1856 and definitely has it's share of secrets and mysteries. Over the last 160+ years there were enough guests who checked in but never checked out. And now these souls are said to be regular, permanent 'guests' of the hotel.

The Fenton Hotel is now a restaurant, with the first floor doing a steady business. The second and third floors are where former hotel guests stayed for the night.

The place has kept it's historic atmosphere, upstairs and down, with antiques, artifacts and a cool old ballroom on the second floor.....and has its own official Historical State Marker to prove it's historic worth.

One of the ghosts that's believed to haunt the restaurant is Emery, the hotel's old custodian. His footsteps can be heard walking around upstairs in his old room that has been unoccupied ever since he passed away. There are other spirits on hand that are blamed for grabbing waitresses on their arms - and other places. These ghosts are believed by some to be the spirits of former guests.

The bar seems to house the most paranormal activity. A bartender told her experience of witnessing wine glasses just 'jumping' off their perch and flying across the room. An unseen presence called her name when the place was empty, and has been touched several times. The weirdest occurrence was when customers told her they saw someone hugging her when she could see or feel nothing or anybody.

Then there's Table 32. A man will appear there from time to time and order a Jack Daniels; after pouring the drink, the bartender will attempt to serve it but the man always vanishes. Disappears. Ka-poof. Gone. Why? Some employees believe the ghost is desperate enough for a drink that he'll make himself visible...then realizing he hasn't money to pay (or the necessary mortal anatomy requirements to drink it) he just goes back to...wherever.

And on the third floor lie the hotel's cheapest rooms, once used by prostitutes. One of them became pregnant, thanks to a hotel guest, and she hung herself. Her apparition has been seen in the ladies' room and a guest who was using one of the stalls once felt someone touch her hair and pull a few strands as she sat.

A disappearing black cat.
A spirit that grabs the rear ends of waitresses.
Voices coming out of the bar speakers (when the PA is off).
A disembodied, whispering female voice can be heard on the upper floor.
Bearded man seen outside a second story window.
The vision of a tall man in a top hat.
Window shutters open & close when there's no wind.
Disembodied, ethereal voices & footsteps.
Lights acting strange by flickering & shutting off by themselves.

Why not visit for yourself? It's located at 302 N Leroy Street, Fenton.

Paranormal investigators still come and go, and some seances have been held. The ghosts still manage to hang around, determined to stay put and not venture "into the light" or wherever they're supposed to go. They enjoy themselves just fine, thank you, at the old Fenton Hotel.

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