Having a video doorbell has become the 'norm' for many homeowners. They are great to have. You can see what is going on in your neighborhood, who is stopping by your house, day or night, if you're away from home and your doorbell rings you can answer the door 'virtually' over your phone, and you can see when packages are being dropped off.

The video doorbells can also show you some strange stuff that goes on, for instance we have one and ours kept going off, then I realized a bird was trying to build a nest in the wreath on the door so every time it flew up on the porch the doorbell went off to let us know there was movement on the porch. In California last year, some residents were totally freaked when their doorbell camera alerted them to movement at the door and it was a person just standing there in a CLOWN COSTUME, (time to move) in the middle of the night.

It is not all weird or freaky things that the doorbell camera picks up. It also can catch someone doing something very nice, that is what happened earlier this week in Oklahoma.

A family's video doorbell went off to alert them of movement on the porch, it was a UPS driver making a delivery to the home. Okay, that happens (a lot if you are me and are under quarantine so you end up doing way to much online shopping). However this UPS driver dropped off the package, and before he left he stopped to fix the American flag the homeowner was flying that had become twisted in the wind. The video showed the driver didn't even think twice, he just fixed the flag and went about his day.

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