If your friends jumped off a bridge would you do that too? (Every Mom In America)

Alright, let's get down to it. We've got stuff  to discuss, rumors to dispel and most importantly, we're going to tell you the 5 REASONS WHY YOU SHOULD TAKE Hydroxychloroquine.

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Let's start with what it's not.


This is Hydroxycut. It's a weight loss pill from back in the day. And it too was linked to side effects that might be damaging to your heart. But this is not what we're talking about.


And this is Hydrox. It's Oreo's ugly stepsister that's been living in her shadow for years. Equally delicious, just without the shine and massive marketing from Nabisco.

Controversial Hydroxychloroquine Is Being Suggested As a Potential Medication That Could Cure the Coronavirus (COVID - 19) Pandemic
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Now this is what you came to see and what we're here for. It's been talked about for months. Hydroxychloroquine. And it's back in the spotlight after the president revealed he's been taking it with the blessing from a White House doctor.

Sean Conley, the US navy veteran who is qualified in osteopathic medicine, concluded the ‘potential benefit outweighed the risks’ (The Guardian)

And what are those side effects?

The most common side effects are nausea and diarrhea, which often improve with time. Additional rare reports of changes in the heart rhythm have been reported with the use of hydroxychloroquine, particularly in combination with other medications. (Rheumatology.com)

So with all that being said and checking our sources, we have compiled this list of the top reasons WHY YOU SHOULD take this drug. You ready?

  1. If you have malaria or wish to prevent getting malaria.
  2. If you have rheumatoid arthritis.
  3. If you have childhood arthritis (or juvenile idiopathic arthritis).
  4. If you have lupus.
  5. And if it is prescribed by your doctor. (Rheumatology.com)

Seriously folks, talk to your doctor before taking any medication to prevent whatever you think MIGHT be ailing you. The President has an advanced medical team in place. And even though he's taking it, does't mean you should without first consulting your doctor and getting it prescribed. And since this drug has been brought up as a possible preventative against Covid-19, it's been in short supply. And the folks suffering the most because of that are people who really need it to treat their lupus diagnosis.

And the side effects could affect your heart. I've suffered from heart arrhythmia. It's no joke.

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