If you are wondering what to do with your left over Halloween pumpkins, you can give them to the Delhi Township sheep. That's right, we have sheep.

My family and I are Holt residents, and today I got to meet the sheep who hold down job of maintaining the area around the recycling facility.

The recycling facility on Grovenburg road is now taking in pumpkins and they feed them to the sheep. The facility takes in pumpkins of all sizes but they do not accept pumpkins that have been painted. Those would be toxic to the sheep.

Many times you see a heard of sheep you may also see a donkey in with them. Well, in Delhi Township we do things differently. We have a Llama and its name is Firebird. The Llama's job is too guard the flock from critters that would love to have them for dinner.

Thanks to Delhi Township Supervisor John Hayhoe for giving my my husband and me a first hand meeting with the sheep, and Llama. Hayhoe was telling us that about 6 years ago a Japanese film crew, who were touring the United States, came to Holt for a look at the sheep. They were doing reports on communities in the United States that were trying out new ways to be eco friendly. Our sheep made it on Japanese television.

The sheep make a lot of wool. In fact when they are sheered their wool is sent to Frankenmuth where it is made into hats, mittens and yarn. Those can be purchased at the Public Maintenance Department on Aurelius Road in Holt.

So when you are taking down your Halloween decorations, don't just throw your pumpkins away. Bring them to the Delhi Township Recycling facility on Grovenburg road. Your donations will make a tasty treat for the Delhi sheep, and Llama.

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