“The Pit” in Tecumseh is the nickname of both Tecumseh Park, and the giant pond that lies in the middle of it. It’s a recreational place that the whole family can enjoy, with plenty to do year-round.

It’s in the woods that surround the pond that some particular paranormal occurrences are said to happen.

The urban legend says that a local nine-year-old girl was kidnapped and taken inside the woods.....her body was found later.

Visitors have claimed to see a light floating along the Community Center Trails that wind through the woods. If that wouldn’t be scary enough, a little girl’s apparition has been seen standing near the trail entrance at the edge of the woods…..she appears to be wearing a white nightgown and holding her teddy bear.

These all happen in the northwest corner of the woods.

Pay a visit and see if you experience something on your own, just make sure you adhere and obey any park hours and regulations!

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