It's been said that practically every lighthouse in Michigan is haunted. I find that hard to fathom, but one that seems to be, and even promotes that fact, is the Old Presque Isle Lighthouse along the coast of Lake Huron, 19 miles north of Alpena in Presque Isle County.

The Old Presque Isle (French for 'almost an island') Lighthouse is one of the Great Lakes' oldest. It was constructed in 1840 (some sources say 1832) and closed in 1871 when a new lighthouse was erected just a mile north.

The new lighthouse began operating in 1871 with the old lighthouse discontinued and abandoned. Thirty years later, the government took it over and it was sold at auction in 1897.

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The lighthouse may have been in use for a mere 31 years, but many people have experienced ghosts and paranormal activity over the past 100+ years. There are TWO ghosts that are said to haunt this famous Michigan ghost-site:
1) The spirit of a woman who died after she was locked in the lighthouse tower by her husband; her screams have been heard on various nights.
2) The spirit of a former caretaker of the lighthouse, George Parris, who moved in during the 1990's. George & his wife moved in to run the museum and schedule tours for tourists and locals. After he passed away, the light would come on by itself at dusk and turn off by itself at dawn...and it's NOT because of a 'light-sensitive' mechanism. What's even weirder, it still comes on & off after it was disabled some time ago. I was there a few years ago and witnessed this first-hand. Visitors who climb to the top and take pictures claim to see a face staring back at them from inside the fixture.....captured on film.

Currently, there are two buildings on site: the former house that was used for the lighthouse keeper and the tower itself. The tower stands thirty feet tall and welcomes visitors to climb the winding stairs to the top for a great view of Lake Huron. The old keeper's house is now used as a museum and gift shop. Plus, the proprietors are more than happy to tell you the tale about the tower's 'ghost light'.

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