It seems there's another weird light up north to keep the Paulding Light company. In fact, it's not far from Paulding. This haunted site is just across the border of Ontonagon County, in Gogebic County.

Seven miles south of Paulding is the junction of US-45 and Robbins Pond Road, near Bass Lake. Robbins Pond Road can hardly be called a road, as it's not much more than a one-lane dirt road with grass growing in the middle of it (SEE PHOTOS BELOW).

At the end of Robbins Pond Road, people have seen a large blue light that changes color and moves up the road toward you. If you try to move away from it, it disappears. 

If you park your car at the light's origin, get out and walk around, you may see the shapes of people milling around your vehicle. These are believed to be the spirits of Native Americans, and the image of a female is particularly intriguing, who has been named the 'Indian Princess'.

When you finally leave the area, a figure will appear that witnesses have named "The Hitchhiker". Most people are smart and get outta there fast, but the few who have tried to pick him up say that when you stop to talk to him, he disappears. He either always has his back turned or has his face hidden by one has ever seen his face.

If you head north this year, check out this light and the Paulding Light as well, just a few miles apart.

Sound like a  lot of supernatural baloney?
"Supernatural, perhaps.....Baloney, perhaps not."

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