2020 has been anything but easy. During the pandemic a lot of us leaned heavily on food to get us through these tough times. Some of us have even experimented with new recipes or turned into Betty Crocker. I'm a pretty average cook, but I will say I've gotten a lot better after having to spend more time in the kitchen because of the pandemic.

Things have seemed pretty uncertain this year, but one thing that isn't uncertain is food. It's always there to help. We often use food as a way to self-medicate. Why do we find comfort in food? According to Mayo, "Eating when feeling certain emotions can replace the emotional void and create a false sense 'fullness.'" It makes sense, whenever I'm stressed out, I rely on my favorite foods to help. What's your favorite comfort food? My go to's are pizza and sushi.

We all have different foods that make us happy. So, I did some digging and found these five foods are the most common foods we find comfort in.

Here's a list of some of our favorite comfort foods..

Our Favorite Comfort Foods

Did your favorite comfort food not make the list? Let us know what your favorite comfort food is! Download the app and hit the call button or shoot us a message!

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