Bodies Are Exhumed From Franco-era Mass Grave
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A rainy afternoon on Mackinac Island a few years back I was sitting at the bar of the Seabiscuit, and began chatting with the Bartender and a couple of locals, the conversation got very interesting.   They started talking about bones.

One of the comments they all say to anyone who is building or digging "how many bones did you find"?  It's  more common than not to find bones.    It is like the island is one big burial ground.  With bones, you get some hauntings as well.  One local I was talking with had re-done his kitchen and during the remodel they dug a bit down to make more room and they found bones.  Along with the bones he found a moccasin.  He decided to take the moccasin and kept it on the mantle.   Not long after that, a young Native American spirit was seen searching for her shoe.   People still see her today.

Even the Seabiscuit bar is haunted by a former worker, according to the bartender the bar used to be a bank.   It is one of the Bankers that people see walking through the building.

Lots of fun activities on the Island including an Island Ghost tour when it gets dark.    That one is really fun.

Mackinac Island has the fun, food, and sometimes the unexpected hauntings.


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