When I first saw the show Forged In Fire, I have to admit I thought it was kind of silly. Now, I watch it all the time. It is such an awesome show, and the contestants work so hard to make knives, swords, and a slew of other things.

On the show, four contestants work to make a requested item. With the judges watching, they then go home to their own forge and get busy making their final piece for the show. They then head back to the studio where the judges test the finished product to see if "it will kill" (Forged in Fire reference).

The History Channel show has made forging a very popular hobby or in some cases a new career.

Learn all about the show Forged In Fire on the History Channel.

Classes that introduce you to the art of forging are popping up all over Michigan. Many of those classes are taught by former contestants of Forged In Fire. You can take a one or two-day class or longer if you want.

My husband's birthday was earlier this month, and I almost booked a day at the forge for him. We went go-carting and ax-throwing instead. When I do book a day at the forge, I will make it for two. I definitely want in on that forging adventure.

Quite a few blacksmiths from Michigan have made it on Forged In Fire, even one from Mackinaw Island. Chad Osborne was on Season 2, Episode 7 of the show. He made it to the finals and stopped there. A year after his appearance on the show, Chad was voted a fan favorite.

The History Channel also airs the shows Pawn Stars and American Pickers, but Forged In Fire is way better than those shows, because "it will kill."

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