Ever since before I can remember, I have been going to the Ingham County Fair. I have so many great Fair memories and some not so good ones too. Most of them, though, are fond memories of family time, long passed.

One of the first Fairs I remember, I was around 10 and talked my way into working for the Skee Ball game. I was small and could run all around grabbing prizes...until my parents came by. They were not too happy about that. My dad came by at closing time to make sure I got paid. They REALLY tried to duck me, but he made sure I got something. I never did work for them again.

At another Fair when I was much younger, my sisters were showing rabbits and someone snapped a picture of them. That picture went on the cover of the phone book for our area back in the 80's... I wish I could find the picture.

So many great times showing pigs, chasing girls and eating terrible Fair food. Some powerful memories that will keep me coming back for the rest of my life.

#1 thing at the Fair? A chocolate shake from the 4-H Booth, of course. Fiske Fries, corn dog, funnel cake from the Parma food truck.

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